The Cost

Often we are asked how much it will cost per square foot to build a new home. The answer depends on many factors such as the amount of site work, a long or short, paved or gravel driveway, whether a well and septic are required, “green” features that may be in the plan, plus other specifications which all vary the cost. Some materials are hard to find or are not available at all and Home Owner Association requirements sometimes contribute to an increase. We have never seen the costs be as volatile as today nor do we project them to decrease. Material demand is high as more people work from home and opt for renovations. That together with supply chain disruptions and a significant reduction of qualified laborers puts a strain on the industry.

The cost per square foot is higher on smaller projects and lower on larger where all space is finished to the same degree of quality. For a mid range custom home, wherein all is built out, the average cost could be $350 per square foot for heated and air conditioned space and to include a two car garage. If there is extensive decking or are many roofed over porch areas, they will add to the overall cost as will any landscaping. Of course all costs depend on selections made by the owner. In other words, the owner controls the cost.

During the initial process for any owner considering a builder significantly cheaper than another, we strongly suggest research be done to ensure comparison of “apples to apples”. Find out what will be given up such as quality in order to have that cheaper cost. In construction, like everything else, you get what you pay for. Our closely developed relationships have resulted in our firm building many times for the same client and their trust in us is the greatest compliment we could hope for.

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